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Our mission is to accelerate the useful and creative applications of AI.
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Open Roles

Retrieval is the data infrastructure for AI and a critical component in this new software development stack.
Chroma proudly serves as the leading retrieval solution, trusted and loved by developers around the world.
We’re still in the pre-history of AI. We’re looking for curious people who are dedicated to becoming world-class at their craft to join our team.
There is a lot of important work to do. Join us.
Core Technology
We’re building the data infrastructure to power AI applications.
Over the past year, we've built a new open-source, serverless, and distributed database.
We use Rust on the data plane, Go on the control plane, and Python and Typescript in product engineering.
Operating Principles
Let's Go
We are ambitious about what we can accomplish in our lifetimes. We continually recalibrate how we can aim higher and move faster.
Just keep going
We persevere through the grind, no job is below us. We are resilient in our quest for craft. We say “yes” to the few important things, and let the rest go.
Are you watching closely?
We want to make magic. We do radical things that make people pay attention, make them lean in, leave them curious and wanting more.
Look for surprises
We are Truth seeking, and therefore low-ego, epistemically humble and sober minded. We delight in surprise.
We are looking for highly motivated, autonomous people who want to do their very best work over a long time horizon as part of a tight-knit, high performing team.
Chroma office
We're building an in-person culture. Our office is in the northwest corner of the Mission district in San Francisco.
We provide full-coverage of medical-dental-vision, food at the office, and cover your gym membership. Physical health and doing your best work are deeply interconnected.
We want you to be productive - we will provide the workstation of your choice.

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